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Coffee vs Tea - Health Benefits Comparison

Published by monica on Friday, March 01, 2013

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The most common question people get asked everyday is “Coffee or tea?” Both beverages are enjoyed around the world and is part of almost everyone’ daily routine. In some cases, it becomes the cause for social gatherings, but it also is enjoyable when consumed alone. While the question “Coffee or tea?” might not be as daunting as other life-changing decisions in life, it is still a good idea to know what’s in these two drinks and what benefits they can possibly give a person in terms of their health.

Nearly everyone is familiar with coffee--a good number of people consume this beverage every morning, usually before heading to work. For them, this cup of joe is a good way to jumpstart the day, as the caffeine in the coffee gives them a shot of energy and an all-around boost they need to get things done in the office. While this is the most obvious and apparent reason why people choose coffee over tea, there are other possible benefits one can get from drinking java. A cup of coffee also has antioxidants which help regulate blood sugar and reduces risk of getting diabetes. Some studies also show that coffee can lessen risk of Parkinson’s by providing the brain dopamine. Furthermore, coffee can also help decrease formation of gallstones: certain compounds present in the drink contribute in the prevention of bile into forming gallstones.

Coffee drinkers should limit their coffee drinking to maximum of four cups a day to better manage intake of caffeine. While caffeine was used in asthma relief back in the day (caffeine helps relax the airways inside the lungs), it can cause sleep problems, irritability, and anxiousness. Most of the mentioned benefits, especially the prevention of diabetes, can be acquired if coffee is taken its in purest form: just black without sugar or cream.

Tea, on the other hand, has a higher content of antioxidants and helps fight cancer, heart diseases and other illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis. Moreover, there studies show that tea helps relax blood vessels, reduces cholesterol levels, and inhibits blood clots from forming. With all these benefits mentioned, tea might be the healthier alternative, combating many diseases and also help in the overall maintenance of health. Tea helps speed up metabolism, thereby helping unwanted fat burn faster. Plus, it doesn’t discolor teeth or leaves stains on them unlike coffee.

While both beverages have health benefits, it is clear that tea can be the safer choice between the two. Coffee, despite the good things one can get from drinking it, should really be drunk in moderation. Too much intake can lead to increased heart risk, as caffeine can affect the artery functions, precipitate heartburn, raise anxiety, and quicken heartbeat. Furthermore, caffeine can also speed bone loss, and in pregnant women, this is dangerous as it affects the mother’s birth weight and might result in miscarriage. In these cases, coffee should be cut down or switch to tea instead to avoid further health complications.

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