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Flu Vaccine Ingredients

Published by monica on Monday, November 12, 2012

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There has always been somewhat of a debate over the flu vaccine. This vaccine is used to protect against the highly contagious influenza virus. It is administered annually to millions of people around the world, however there are always certain people arguing over whether or not the flu vaccine is safe.

A lot of people wonder what the flu vaccine ingredients are. One would think that before having the shot a person would take the time to learn this sort of important information. Especially those people who are very cautious with what they eat and otherwise put into their body.

There are a few different flu vaccine ingredients. There are dead influenza viruses used as one of the main ingredients. Then there are also preservatives which are added to the flu shot. The reason for this is to add to the life of the vaccinations as much as possible. Often time pharmaceutical companies have to hold on to these vaccines for an extended period of time and it is important that the longevity of the vaccines are ensured.

People do need to be aware that there are certain preservatives which can be harmful, especially to children. This is the main reason that there are such a large group of people who are nervous about getting the flu shot.

Preservatives such as thimerosol can cause illness in someone after they are injected with it. There are studies which actually argue that thimerosol is responsible for causing the development of autism among thousands of children. It is also thought that flu vaccine ingredients like thimerosol and aluminum are responsible for causing Alzheimer’s disease.

For people who are all for the flu shot they will go ahead with it with ease. For those who would rather find an alternative there are options. The influenza virus is real regardless of whether or not a person wants to take a vaccine for it. There are certainly other ways to stay protected from it. That includes boosting the immune system by drinking more orange juice and taking Vitamin C supplements. Washing hands and commonly touched spaces in the home like doorknobs is also very important. This will help to ward off bacteria and hopefully prevent catching the flu.

While there are millions of people around the world who get the flu vaccine every year there should not be anyone who feels pressured into it. There are just as many people who are taking steps to stay protected against the influenza virus without the shot and there is nothing wrong with that.

Everyone should have a talk with their healthcare provider in order to learn more about the flu vaccine and to get advice on the different things that they should do when it is cold and flu season.

No matter what a person’s personal opinion is on the flu vaccine the most important thing is to take time to research. Before going ahead and choosing a side it is necessary to be aware of the whole story. Especially for those people with children it really becomes a very hot topic. Only with accurate information and serious consideration can a decision be made.

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