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The Best Baby Shower Finger Foods

Published by monica on Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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For the baby shower menu, finger foods are a hot item. Your guests don’t want to be juggling plates and cutlery as they visit with each other, so be sure to put together a menu of finger foods containing some of these ideas.

Fresh fruit is a winner at baby showers. You can choose from strawberries, orange wedges, grapes, peach wedges, melon balls, pineapple cubes and banana slices. You can add flavored cream cheese or peanut butter as something to dip the fruit in.

Dips are also great complements for your veggie tray. Broccoli florets, cauliflower and carrot sticks are excellent choices and you can serve them with hummus, ranch dip or Thousand Island salad dressing.

Other finger foods great for baby showers are deviled eggs or chips and dip. With the dip, you have a variety of flavors and options available, such as spinach dip, artichoke and 7-Layer bean dip. Dip recipes are available online.

Finger sandwiches are great finger foods, too. You can make these sandwiches yourself and cut them into quarters. Finger sandwich ideas include cucumber, chicken salad, tuna, turkey and cheese, and egg salad. Be sure to refrigerate the sandwiches in a container before serving so that they won't fall apart or get too smushy.

An alternative to bread sandwiches are cracker sandwiches. Cheese and crackers or peanut butter on crackers are always a great finger food selection. One favorite cracker snack of mine is the round crackers topped with salsa and shredded cheddar cheese. For the expectant lady of the hour, however, avoid using any spicy foods.

Another great finger food for baby showers are mini pizzas. You can buy them at the store or make them yourself using English muffins, tomato sauce and shredded cheese. Add cubed deli meat such as turkey or ham, and chopped olives and bacon bits.

Other finger foods you can make at home include tortilla wraps. You can’t go wrong with PB&J, but also try something such as ham and cheese, peanut butter with banana slices, and chicken salad with lettuce. Be sure to put a thin serving of the toppings onto the tortillas, roll them tightly and use a long toothpick to hold it together. You can also find other tortilla wrap recipes on the Internet.

Finally, one other finger food you can make yourself are the traditional “pigs in a blanket” dish. You can find this recipe online and some variations omit the cheese and include a sauce for dipping.

If you don’t mind buying the food, pick up popcorn chicken or chicken wings. Here again, make sure you avoid anything with spices.

As for the yummy treats you’d like to serve, some finger food ideas include tea cakes, brownie bites and petits fours.

A menu for a baby shower is not difficult to put together and finger foods are definitely a key item. Choose from a variety of finger foods to serve, mix and match favorites, and watch your guests rave over your perfect menu.

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