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Make Up for Acne Scars

Published by monica on Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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Acne is a huge problem for many teens and adults. More than eighty-five per cent of Americans struggle with acne, and make-up can hide the scars left behind. There are three make-up options available to help you cover up acne scarring.

Your first make-up options are specialized make-up products sold in drugstores. Some consumers have found success in using these products to cover up acne scars. Try a variety of different formulas to see if there is one that works for you.

Your second option in using make-up for acne scars is to use a concealer. Again, this may not work for you, but try it to see if it helps.

To use the concealer, make sure it is made by a major brand. A cheap knock-off will not work as well. Lightly apply the concealer in a light dabbing motion over the areas where you have acne scarring. Blend it in with a facial sponge then apply foundation in a light dabbing motion, eventually using the sponge to blend in the foundation. Finally, lightly apply powder with a large make up brush.

Your third option is to use foundation. Not many consumers have had success using concealer, so foundation can be tried instead. The secret is to use a foundation that is yellow-based.

To use foundation, apply it to the affected areas with a tapping motion. Never rub the foundation on; it won’t stay in place the way you want it to. Tap the foundation over the area until you are satisfied with the coverage. Next, apply a loose powder that matches your skin tone. Apply the powder with a velour puff instead of a brush, as this method of applying the powder will provide you with better coverage. Tap the puff onto the back of your hand before applying powder to remove any excess and apply to your face by gently tapping your skin with the puff. Use the powder to finish off your make-up application and achieve a smooth appearance on your skin.

When choosing make up for covering acne scars, make sure you select a brand that is as oil-free as possible. If the make-up is too oily, it will complicate your acne problem, making it worse than it already is. Also, look for make up that is hypoallergenic.

Your best defense is to consult with a dermatologist. The dermatologist may suggest laser treatment to improve your skin if the acne scarring is too severe, but also advise you on which make up would work best for your skin type. The dermatologist would also be able to prescribe a medicinal cream you can use to combat the acne and scarring.

Take the time to carefully select the type of make up that works best for your skin and use the ideas above to cover your acne scars. All acne scars will either go away or be removed, and make up is a great way to cover the scarring until it’s no longer visible on your skin.

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