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Best Places to Study Spanish in South America

Published by monica on Saturday, November 24, 2012

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What better place to learn Spanish than in a country where it’s the main language? As a Spanish student in South America, you’ll get more than you bargain for with the different kinds of schools available and the courses they offer.

When you attend a school to learn Spanish in South America, you’ll end up learning more than just the language. As a student living there, you’ll actually get to see for yourself just what this culture is all about. Many schools put a special emphasis on dancing, cooking and cultural activities reflecting the way of life in South America. This added experience will help you better understand your learning of the language, surround you with natives who speak it, and introduce you to the flexibility and ease of use as you practice speaking the language you learn. While attending a school, you can room with someone in an apartment or stay with a host family.

As you learn Spanish in South America, you may elect to participate in the Volunteer Work program. This will give you a chance to “give back” to the Latin Americans by teaching them English and helping in orphanages.

When it comes to deciding where to learn Spanish in South America, the following are just a few options available.

Samara Beach, Costa Rica is a richly Costa Rican town that will invite you to personally explore this South American culture. The school here is located along the beach, with 20 courses a week, and will give beginning Spanish students a comfortable, personalized approach to learning the language. You can opt for private lessons, as well, receiving instruction while staying with a host family. Part of your educational experience in learning Spanish will include dancing lessons and cooking Costa Rican meals.

Santiago de Chile is another great location to learn Spanish in South America. Santiago de Chile is very modernized and offers a rich cultural experience to life in the country. With a location near the Andes Mountains, the school here provides "Spanish and skiing" trips that will include further tutoring of the Spanish language. The "Spanish and skiing" lessons are offered from June to September. The school provides 20 classes a week, with 10 private teaching sessions. Some courses taught at this school include Spanish Business, Spanish for Lawyers, and Spanish & Culture.

In Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic, you'll have the chance to pick from two excellent schools to attend. These schools offer two-week courses with 20 lessons per week. What's interesting about this school is that, in addition to learning Spanish and dance, you'll have the opportunity to participate in their "Traveling Classroom," in which you'll learn Spanish while traveling all over the Dominican Republic.

In South America, you’ll have a great opportunity to learn the Spanish language and experience the culture in a way no book will ever teach you. Check out the many schools, look into traveling accommodations, and get started on your new language learning adventure!

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