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How to Tell if a Man Loves You

Published by Nanni on Thursday, October 11, 2012

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Love is a wonderful thing indeed. People who have it and give it are happier, more fulfilled, and enjoy their lives much more. Unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult to recognize love when it is there, or applying the word when it is actually something else altogether.

One of the surest ways to determine whether it is love is by noticing how the person approaches differences. The mature, stable person acknowledges differences such as personality, traits, characteristics, and other factors, as something to appreciate. As he is aware that no two people are meant to be alike, he appreciates the things about you which make you an individual. If he shows no signs of wishing to change you to suit himself, this is one way to tell that the man loves you.

On the other hand, there are approaches which many mistake for love. The man who insists on a relationship or a commitment soon after you have met, or wants a significant amount of your time and attention, is a person who is either insecure or a control-freak. Real love takes time to grow, and it requires taking time to get to know each other. Real love is not insecure, controlling, or demanding.

Some women also make the mistake of believing that being showered with gifts is a sign of love. While the man who loves you may remember your birthday and other special events, being lavished with gifts-- especially expensive gifts-- makes many women feel uneasy for a reason. The reason is that it is inappropriate.

Another way to tell if a man loves you is whether he views you as an equal. If your opinions, viewpoints, standards, life goals, and other similar factors are important to him, this is a positive sign. You can decide whether this is true in your case by noting whether he truly listens to what you have to say, and whether he acknowledges what you say as important. The man who loves you clearly shows that these factors about you are as meaningful as his own.

The man who loves you demonstrates an honest interest in your life. This does not mean trying to take over, or trying to be a part of every single aspect of your life. It means acknowledging factors such as your job, your hobbies, your personal concerns, and other similar factors, as being relevant parts which make you who you are. He also understands which parts of your life are open to be shared with him, and which ones are not.

Another way to determine if the man you are with loves you is by his focus. The man who loves you lives in the present, and looks ahead to the future. He clearly shows that he is interested in making the future a mutual goal, but also realizes that a commitment to this goal should not come too soon. The man who loves you is able to acknowledge that this is worth waiting for and building for, rather than being rushed or pressured. If he fits these characteristics, this could be the man and the relationship that you truly want.

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