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Useful Wedding Hair Accessories

Published by Nanni on Saturday, August 25, 2012

Photo credit by Du Žiedeliai { Vestuvinė floristika }

Accessories can make or break any outfit. This is especially true for your wedding day dress and overall look. If you want your hair to look that much more unique and flattering, take the time to really consider the accessories you use. Remember that the photos from this day are going to last a lifetime. The accessories are as important as the dress. The following are some of the many wedding hair accessories you can choose.

Decorative combs are a great wedding hair accessory in which to invest. These combs can be used to keep a look like French twist or updo in place, or they can be added to the hair to add elegance to a look. You can go for everything from lightly colored combs with beads or sequins on them to dark brown or mahogany combs. Similarly, fancy clips are another great option to consider when choosing wedding hair accessories. These clips are great because they can keep a bun or twist in place.

One great wedding hair accessory to try is wreaths. This is a simple and easy way to add a touch of elegance to your wedding ceremony. Wedding wreaths can be worn both by the bride and by the wedding party.

Flowers can also make great wedding hair accessories. Like wreaths, you can go with real flowers or fake options depending on the desired effect and the time of year. Take the time to place a rose behind your ear or to add individual flowers to an updo, and you add instant romance to your hairstyles. Try to match the color scheme of the flowers used to accent your hairstyle to your makeup, jewelry, or dress.

Bobby pins are integral to most wedding updos. You can go for discreet pins to keep hair in place, or you can choose those that have subtle additions like gems and beads. Some pins even have ribbon and lace that can dangle to add extra romance or elegance to your look.

Headbands are another great accessory to consider. The hair can be worn down with a headband, or you could use such an accessory to add something special to an updo. After all, nothing beats hair slicked back with a headband only to explode in a dramatic bun or updo. Headbands come in every material and color under the sun: they can be made from plastic or metal, and can come in both earth tones and in neon colors.

Always take the time to consider how the hair accessories will be used. Are you investing in pins, combs, and wreaths to keep hair in place, or are you hoping to accent or add to a look? This is an important distinction. When deciding on your hair accessories, remember that less is more. You wouldn't want to use clips, headbands, flowers, and combs all together. This will make your head look cluttered and unflattering. Accessories should be subtle: choose something that will add to your dress, hairstyle, and make up. Your accessories shouldn't be so loud or overbearing that they detract from your overall look.

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