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How to Get Yourself Organized

Published by Nanni on Friday, August 31, 2012

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Getting yourself organized is one of the simplest ways to improve your quality of life, by eliminating stress and confusion. How many times have you forgotten an errand, a birthday, your keys, or a bill that needs to be paid? If you are tired of moments like these, then learn how to get organized using these top five tips.

Clear out the Clutter

Cluttered spaces are havens of disorganization. Take the first step toward an organized life by getting rid of unnecessary clutter. Properly dispose of old documents and files by using a paper shredder. Clear out old toys, clothing, and household items by having a yard sale, or donating them to the Goodwill or Salvation Army. De-cluttering your space sets the stage for a new, organized future. However, keep in mind that newly emptied shelves are not equivalent to neon, flashing signs calling out to be filled with more clutter.

Use a Calendar

Forgetting important dates and appointments can be detrimental to both your personal and professional relationships. Maintaining an accurate and up-to-date calendar is an easy way to remember vital dates and events in your life. For the home, use a magnetic, dry erase calender that attaches to the front of your refrigerator. You should also utilize your cell phone's accessories and applications, or other electronic devices to manage and organize your life while on the go.

Develop a Routine

The key being organized is being able to maintain it. Otherwise, what's the point? Keep yourself organized by developing a routine. Take time at the end of every work day to dispose of old messages and documents, and give your desk a thorough cleaning once a week. Set a schedule for your family at home to complete household chores. Most importantly, make a cardinal rule for yourself and your family, that you will put things away when they need to be put away, instead of allowing them to congregate on counters and bedroom floors.

Designate Spaces

Organization is a slippery slope. One of the quickest ways to become disorganized is to let areas from one part of your life filter over into another. One of the best examples is if you allow your children's toys and games reside in your home office, or in the space where you do your bill paying. Important papers and files can easily become lost, and your children may think that your office accessories and home computer are toys as well. Avoid this scenario by designating work and play areas, and be clear in your household rules that these spaces are to remain separate.

On a smaller scale, it is also important to designate spaces for particular items in your backpack, purse, or wallet. Set aside separate areas for cash, credit cards, bank cards, receipts, and items that you need to get to quickly, like your driver's license, insurance cards, etc. Taking this small step will prevent you from being that person in the check-out line who cannot find their credit card.

Purchase the Proper Organizational Tools

What good does clearing out the clutter do, if you put your freshly organized documents back into a trash bag? Purchasing proper organizational tools like storage bins in varying sizes, shelves, files, and labels will not only help you get organized, but also help you stay organized. When you have a home for all of your belongings, you will be more likely to keep your space tidy and well-organized.

While organizing your life may take a weekend or two, staying organized is about making lifestyle changes. If improving your quality of life and ridding yourself of stress sounds too good to be true, think again. You can do both by clearing out the clutter, using a calendar, developing a routine, designating spaces, and purchasing the proper organizational tools to create a better, organized life.

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