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How Much Do Wedding Ceremony Musicians Cost?

Published by Nanni on Sunday, August 26, 2012

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Musicians can take a wedding and make it a happening, exciting, and memorable event. If you want a unique wedding, it pays to invest in wedding ceremony musicians. However, investing in wedding ceremony musicians will cost you some money. The budget you need for this piece of your wedding will depend upon everything from the length of the ceremony to the number of people in the band. The following includes some helpful information for people who want to learn about the cost of hiring wedding ceremony musicians.

When looking for wedding ceremony musicians, ask about how billing works. Some musicians will charge for both set-up and for the actual wedding ceremony. There is also the break down – when the musicians take apart their music stands, drum kits, and other performance-related items. When talking to the wedding ceremony musicians, take the time to ask if they will require any breaks between sets, and if this is included in the price. If you want the musicians to adhere to a set dress code, make this clear during negotiations and have this written into the contract. Otherwise, the musicians may ask you to cover their tuxedo or attire expenses.

Consider location when it comes to the pricing of wedding ceremony musicians. If you are having an out of town wedding, you may be charged for gas or for travel. Be specific and clear with the musicians in the contract about how much you will pay for such things: you could pay per mile or you could have a flat rate included. If you are hiring musicians from out of town, you may also have to pay for lodging, especially if their drive is more than a few hours or if they have to fly into your town to play this event.

Always consider the number of musicians you want to hire. Some groups come only as a package deal. So if you hire just one musician for the ceremony. you could probably negotiate a lower price. After all, if you want to hire a string quartet, the price will cover three people's time and talents versus just one person's.

Always ask about worst-case scenario issues so that you are fully prepared in the event that something does indeed go wrong with your ceremony. For example, ask the musicians what will happen if the ceremony goes over the decided upon time. Additionally, ask what the musicians will do if their instruments break or have an issue. Knowing everything will prepare you in the event that something does indeed go wrong, and you can be sure that your wedding ceremony musicians are prepared for any possible event or incident.

If you have a limited budget, don't think that hiring wedding ceremony musicians is impossible. Instead, reach out to local musicians and see if you can work out a payment plan or if they will be willing to offer you a discount if your loved ones help with the set up and break down involved. You never know what can be worked out, especially when it comes to an event as important as your wedding ceremony.

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