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Different Types of Maple Trees

Published by Nanni on Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Photo credit by fotobydave

Take a look outside and chances are there will be at least a few different types of maple trees in sight. Most people are not even aware that there are different types of maple trees. If you are one of them, read on and find out what types of maple trees there are.

Sugar maple trees are one of the most common types of maple tree found in North America. These are truly magnificent trees which are especially lovely during the fall months when the leaves change different colors. The bark on a sugar maple tree is dark gray in color and smooth with long irregular plates. The twigs are slender and shining. Sugar maple trees have maple keys fruit which ripen in September. Sugar maple trees tolerate shade well and prefer a moderately moist soil to grow in.

There are also the Japanese maple trees which are strikingly different in appearance. These trees are much more delicate looking than other maples. They grow mainly in Japan, Northeast China and Korea. Japanese maple trees are extremely versatile and are often used in landscaping because of this.

Red maple trees are quite common, found mainly around North America. These trees are relatively weak wooded, which means that they often get severely damaged during storms. People often watch for the blooming of flowers on the red maple trees because this is one of the first signs of spring. The flowers are small and are bright red in color.

The red maple trees have a deciduous broadleaf foliage and can grow to a height of anywhere from 40 to 60 feet. They grow best in partial shade to full sun. These trees should be planted in early spring, and roots should be bare on small-sized trees. Large trees on the other hand should have roots that are balled and covered with burlap for protection.

The Norway maple trees are rarer than most other types of maple trees. The foliage on these trees is dark green in summer, turning to a darkish yellow shade in the fall. Sandy soil and clay are the best soil types for these maples. Norway maple trees are broadleaf maple trees that typically grow to fifty feet. The leaves are simple and tend to be greenish in color. In fall, the leaves change to a yellow hue. One of the main differences between this and other types of maple trees lies in the flowers it blooms. The flowers of a Norway maple show in clusters and are yellowish green in color.

Then there are also the silver maple trees. This is one of the most populous types of maple trees in all of North America. This is not surprising considering that these trees are one of the fastest growing types of maples. The silver maple trees are often planted to use for shade, as they are quite a large tree with thick foliage. Although these trees can tolerate partial shade they grow much better in full sunlight.

Mother Nature is beautiful and all the different types of maple trees are truly an exquisite part of it. Anyone who wants to take in the beauty of these trees can take a walk in the park or plant one right in their own backyard.

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