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Best Baby Swings on the Market

Published by Nanni on Friday, August 17, 2012

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Baby swings are a parent’s best friend when there is a fussy baby in the house. Whether baby needs their tummy soothed, needs a gentle rock to sleep, or just wants to sit and play quietly for awhile, baby swings are great for many reasons. Manufacturers have pounced on the need for baby swings and offer everything from bare-bones models to those with all the bells and whistles. So how do you know that you are getting the best baby swing that you and your child will both love? Here are the top three rated baby swings. They offer everything from travel models to car seat models, so there is sure to be something in here for everyone.

Fisher Price Aquarium Take-Along Swing

Travel swings are much closer to the ground than full-size swings, and they generally fold up so that they can be taken wherever you need and then be popped open again. The Fisher Price model does cost a few more dollars than other travel swings, but it also has far more features than those other models offer. It has the standard toy bar hanging across the swing, which is becoming fairly standard among travel swings. But it also has floating fish along the side for baby’s amusement and can play music and several different sounds. The Fisher Price Aquarium Take Along swing however, only runs on batteries so you’ll need to make sure you always have some spares on hand.

Fisher Price Starlight Papasan Cradle Swing

The baby swing that falls in the middle range of these reviews also comes from Fisher Price. Baby will have their choice of being rocked back and forth or from side to side. And while being gently lulled to sleep, they will also have their choice from 16 different songs or sounds from nature. All of these are operated with volume control, so it won’t wake baby as they’re just drifting off. And for baby’s amusement, the Fisher Price Starlight Papasan Cradle Swing also comes with its own light show! The shape of this baby swing is also unique and is built to provide not only better support for baby, but also easier access for parents, so there’s no longer any need to fidget, fuss, and pull while trying to get baby out of the seat. The newer versions of this model also come with a power adapter, so there’s no need to make the constant investment in batteries.

Graco Sweetpeace Newborn Soothing Center

When baby needs only the very best, there is this baby swing that comes with all the frills. Of course it moves in just about any direction you want it to, and forget about simple songs or music with this swing. You’ll get those too of course, along with a white noise maker and womb simulation sounds. But if you still want something special that you chose for your baby to listen to, there’s always the iPod port where you can plug in your own music and be your baby’s DJ! The cradle seat can be completely detached and a Graco car seat can be fitted right in. So rock your baby to sleep, and then slip them in the car without waking baby. This baby swing also comes with a power adapter, in addition to being battery operated.

These three baby swings are some of the finest on the market that you’ll find. They offer all the features you’ll find on other models, and they come in every price range. The most important thing is that the baby swing soothes baby and you and that they offer all the features that you need the most.

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