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Bathroom Accessories for Kids

Published by Nanni on Friday, August 10, 2012

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When it comes to decorating your kid’s bathroom, accessories are essential for enhancing your chosen theme. Consider your child’s individual tastes and preferences when selecting a theme. Follow up by choosing accessories that work well in this regard. Look for items such as wastebaskets, soap dispensers, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, box covers for tissues and lotion pumps that match your child’s preferences.

Install wallpaper borders that work well with the accessories. Bring the theme together by adding a rug that matches the border’s design. Include decorative bath and hand towels which match and enliven the whole look. Make sure that the accessories you place in the bath area are functional and decorative, and can withstand the moisture and dirt that will be brought into the room when your child starts to use it. Most items are made of resin or plastic, and so you’ll find that accessories are typically designed to be kid-proof.

Use your imagination when decorating the bathroom as bath accessories come in a host of colors and designs. Fun and interesting themes include frogs, cars, cowboys, horses, princesses, fairies, dinosaurs, monkeys, jungle decor and Disney characters. Accessories should form an ensemble then that highlights the selected theme.

Before making any purchasing decision however, take an inventory of the items you want to include or you’ll feel will work best into your decor. This includes considering your budget outlay as well. Many times you can reap some savings by buying accessories in discounted sets. Therefore, assessing your needs and determining which items you wish to purchase is a good first step in picking items that will be functional, decorative as well as fall into your budget.

So, what do you need or like? Popular accessories include nightlights, tissue covers, toothbrush holders, lotion dispensers, shower curtains and hooks, trash cans, soap dishes, sponges, toilet seat covers, towels and bath mats. Grooming aids include mirrors and combs. You may even want to add bath slippers into the mix.

As stated, often you can do well cost-wise by picking a set that includes several of the aforementioned accessories. Sets usually include about seven items and run around $50. If a bath set costs more than $50, make sure each item in the set doesn’t cost more than around $8 each if you want to get the most for your money.

Be sure that you choose a theme that you know your child will enjoy and savor for a while. Themes for younger children include fish, sunshine motifs, bugs, dragonflies, ducks and safari décor. Older children or teens may enjoy polka dots or dot swirls, wiggles, retro looks, cottage motifs and seaside themes. A sports theme works well for younger and older children alike.

Think about your child’s bedroom décor too. It might be nice to make the bathroom an extension of the theme your child enjoys in his bedroom. Whatever accessories you choose to tie into your theme, make sure that they’re fun, bright and something you and your child will enjoy until he becomes older and requires another type of décor.

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