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Jobs for Retirees

Published by Nanni on Sunday, July 15, 2012

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Just because you are retired from your career field job, it does not mean that you might not want or have to work. Relaxation 24/7 does not appeal to everyone. A desire for something to do brings some retirees back to the job market. Others find that their retirement resources cannot provide all they need for security. Along with those who have no retirement resources at all, these individuals must find a supplement for their income. Either full or part-time, the job market for senior workers provides a wide variety of options.

For the retiree that just doesn't want all that time on their hands, the best jobs are in the volunteer field. Civic groups, churches, and private clubs all offer positions where an elder person can make a positive difference to their community and its people. Organizations like soup kitchens, food banks, libraries, and hospitals often welcome the extra help the idle retiree can provide. If the retiree is seeking more full-time involvement, the Peace Corp., Volunteers of America or the Volunteers programs through State and National Park Services can provide a wealth of activities to perform.

Part time work is generally easier for the retired person to find. For those who just want a small boost to their retirement income, part time jobs still give them a chance to relax while still earning. The entry level job field, restaurants, gas stations, and convenience stores, are always seeking new workers. Part time hours have advantages for both the retiree and the employer as they save on full time employee benefits programs.

Some large companies make special efforts to hire retirees to fill the positions they are still quite physically able to fulfill. Wal-Mart has been a leader in this trend, and not just for the Greeter at the front door. Such positions as Cashier, Inventory Control, and data entry are available. Senior retirees are often used as "secret shopper" for the detection of shoplifting as well.

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) offers access to the Featured Employer's Program on their website for connecting job-seeking retirees with businesses that prefer the maturity and experiences that older employees can provide. Online, the website also allows two-way access for retirees to post their resumes and preferences while employers have a fertile field for finding their next employee.

For the retiree that needs to start another full time career path, they do not have to rely only on returning to the same cycle of application and search. Returning to school for continued education and training in a more preferred field of work in has its own advantages. Some retirees find that they now have the time to devote to starting their own business. Even without great resources for investment, the online home business model has provide success and security for many retirees, sometimes far beyond that of their former career.

Retirees are increasingly finding that beginning a new direction in their work life is providing greater satisfaction, as they are more likely to find more enjoyable and emotionally satisfying employment. Whether you have to work or just want to keep busy, there is no reason to let retirement prevent you from staying active and productive.

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