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How to Become a Fashion Merchandiser

Published by Nanni on Friday, July 13, 2012

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You should consider a career as a fashion merchandiser if you are fashion savvy and love to shop. This career might be a good fit for you if you are looking for a career with big possibilities. You might even be able to work for celebrities someday and reach your own level of fame.

There are various specialties you can have as a fashion merchandiser. You can work for stores and other retailers, helping them find the latest fashions to sell. It is possible to create your own business working as a fashion merchandiser for your own clients. You can help them find the best fashion apparel and accessories for their needs. As a fashion expert, you can even work setting up fashion displays for stores.

When you work as a fashion merchandiser, you can use your artistic side as well. You can help create fashion displays, provide ideas for new fashion designs and more. It is very helpful if you are artistic, or can at least do some basic sketching if you want to pursue a career as a fashion merchandiser.

In order to become a fashion merchandiser, you will need to have an eye for good fashion. You will need to be someone who is outgoing and not afraid to take charge. You should be hard working and creative if you want a successful career as a fashion merchandiser.

Some fashion merchandisers do not have any formal education. You might start out by working at a specialty shop or retail store. You could even start your career by helping friends and family members find the perfect fashion options for their new job, a special occasion or simply to look good. As you begin to develop your skills in the industry, you can work your way up to a career as a fashion merchandiser.

Some formal education can make it a little easier for you to enter into this field. You can receive certificates or full college degrees in several different areas of study. Of course, one such area would be to study fashion. You could also complete some formal training in the area of business. This will benefit you if you want to work as an independent fashion merchandiser. You can also take art courses and design courses if you have an interest in a career as a fashion merchandiser.

Upon completing your education, you will need to decide if you want to start your own business or work for someone else initially. You can further develop your skills by finding a job in the fashion industry. Even if you cannot find anything glamorous at first, it will be beneficial to work in a fashion store.

You can reach your goal of becoming a fashion merchandiser. It will take some time to enter into the area of your choice. When you are working in any related job position, do not forget to express your interest to your bosses and even clients you work with, that you are working towards a career as a fashion merchandiser. You never know when someone might throw an opportunity your way.

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