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Creams for Sagging Neck

Published by Nanni on Saturday, July 28, 2012

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Consumers perusing the labels of creams for sagging neck skin might be surprised to learn that there is more to firming the skin than merely choosing a lotion. There are a number of options open for those dealing with this problem area; some of these steps need to work in harmony when considering the use of lotions for counteracting unsightly changes in the neck area.

Check the Ingredients Labels

Creams for sagging neck skin should include beta hydroxy acids, retinol and also vitamin C. These substances act on the skin cells of the neck and encourage the formation of collagen. When combined with elastin – another component found in the cells of the skin – there is a good chance at stabilizing the aging process of the neck skin and perhaps even counteracting it to some extent.

Keep in mind that there is no way for even the best creams for sagging neck skin to completely reverse the aging process. The best results that these creams can lead to is a toning of the cell structures that then support the weight of the skin and avoid further wrinkles. The key to seeing this improvement is conscientious and continuous use. Sporadic application of these substances is unlikely to have much of an effect.

Lifestyle Changes

While creams for sagging neck skin help topically, there are some lifestyle changes a person must make. For example, smoking tobacco and tanning frequently have adverse effects on the skin at large, but in particular a neck that has already begun to sag and thus shows inconsistencies in the cell structures’ tone. It is interesting to note that weight changes also dramatically influence the cell structures of the neck skin. Yoyo dieting in particular is a dangerous habit to fall into, especially if there are significant weight changes that take place.

When Creams for Sagging Neck Skin Fail

Depending on the severity of the neck skin tone’s decline, there are instances when creams fail. At this time the alternatives open are plastic surgery, such as a neck lift, and a skin reduction in the problem area. If this is too severe, a less invasive option is the chemical peel. Done under the supervision of a dermatologist, these peels are deeper than the home versions and may remove a fair amount of wrinkling and even tighten the skin – but only to a limited degree.

Another option to consider, if creams for sagging neck skin fail to yield any appreciable benefit at all, are laser treatments. These are costly, and while they do not promise certain results, they have the unique power of stimulating the formation of collagen within the skin cell structures.

Counteract the Beginnings

The cardinal mistake made by dermatology patients is the failure to act immediately and decisively when the first wrinkles and sagging begin. Rather than waiting until the effects of aging are noticeable even to others, begin application of creams for sagging neck skin as soon as the first problem areas make themselves known. Early vigilance reduces the need for later more drastic measures and also more costly treatments.

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