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Link Building Benefits of Forum Posting in Search Engine Optimization

Published by Nanni on Friday, June 29, 2012

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When it comes to running a website, whether it is an informative content site, an online community, or a blog, one of the toughest things to accomplish is to get visitors to the site. Without visitor traffic, the goals of the website, whatever they may be, cannot be achieved. There are a number of well known and widely accepted methods for building links to a website, and through these links traffic can and will come.

One of the better ways to build links to a website is by posting in online forums and message boards. Being active, either by socializing with or being helpful to other members on online communities works on a number of different levels. From making personal contacts, known as networking, to actually building links that point to back to your website, a creative internet marketer would have no problem mining the linking gold that lays within the internet. There are a number of reasons that this is a good way to build links, and in truth there are other benefits that come with using this method of marketing as well. One of the keys to promoting anything through forum posting works best if a website owner chooses a forum that has content related to the content of his or her website.

Promoting a website on an online forum is a great way for a website owner to establish a good amount of credibility. When someone is active on a forum in a helpful way, answering questions, providing helpful tips, being a resource for others, their reputation will grow by leaps and bounds. This all lays the groundwork for a time in the future when someone seeking information needs help and chooses to go to the website of the person promoting their site on the forum.

Most well run forums also provide what is called a signature file that the members of the site can use to display a great deal of information of their choosing. By placing a link to their own website in their signature, and then posting in the forum, a website owner is getting their links right in front of the eyes of people that are interested in the subject being promoted. In addition, by starting threads associated with the content they are trying to promote, and then titling it properly and guiding the discussion somewhat, that thread may show up in search engine results for people searching for that topic. When they go to that thread from the search engine results, one of the links that they can find further information at, will be the link that was placed in the signature thread of the person who started the thread.

The networking alone is another great benefit of promoting a website through online forum posting. There are a number of contacts that someone can build in an online forum that could end up being very valuable to the owner of a website. These contacts could be people that help them in further development of the site, or they could be people that end up being customers of the website being promoted. The brainstorming and sharing of ideas that happens during online forum participation can also lead to many other benefits for the website owner including stress relief, problem solving, verification, vindication, reassurance, and more.

There are so many benefits that can help a website owner who chooses to promote their website through posting at online forums. From actually getting traffic through link placement in the signature file to possibly making future business contacts, the benefits of forum promotion can often be huge, but may not surface for months or longer. The most important thing anyone undertaking promotion of their website through forum participation should understand is that they must not do it so blatantly that it appears that they are spamming the forum. Trying to be as honest and helpful as possible. Only posting informatively and only when necessary is the only way the entire strategy can work.

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